A Winter Project Collaboration for Mental Health

Jan 8, 2024 | Performance, Updates

In the dynamic realm where healing arts and musical expression intersect, a unique collaboration is taking shape, promising to transport listeners into a realm of soulful resonance and stress release. I am excited to share with you the extraordinary journey on which I am embarking—a project that unites the talents of vibrational sound therapist Lori Stahl and Benjamin Vo from The Benjamin Vo Blues Band. Together, we are crafting an immersive experience known as Gong Voyage.

The Collaborators:

At the heart of this project are two individuals whose passion for their respective crafts fuels the creative synergy that defines Gong Voyage.

Lori Stahl, a seasoned vibrational sound therapist, brings a wealth of experience in harnessing the healing power of sound frequencies. Her dedication to enhancing well-being through vibrational therapy has garnered her a reputation for creating transformative experiences that connect mind, body, and spirit.

Benjamin Vo, a prominent figure in the blues music scene across the world, leads The Benjamin Vo Blues Band with a soul-stirring command of his guitar and vocals. His blues-infused melodies are known for their emotive power, seamlessly tapping into the depths of human emotion.

The Vision:

The intent behind Gong Voyage is to offer listeners a holistic journey that goes beyond mere auditory stimulation. By blending Lori Stahl’s expertise in vibrational sound therapy with the emotive and expressive power of blues music from Benjamin Vo, we aim to create an experience that resonates with the soul.

The fusion of these two powerful elements is not only intended for musical enjoyment but also serves a higher purpose—providing stress release and promoting a sense of inner harmony. In a world filled with constant noise and demands, our project seeks to carve out a space for individuals to reconnect with themselves and experience a moment of tranquility.

The Process:

The collaboration between Lori Stahl and Benjamin Vo is a testament to the belief that the harmonious convergence of diverse art forms can yield something truly extraordinary. The project involves careful consideration of vibrational frequencies, musical compositions, and the emotional nuances inherent in blues music.

Lori Stahl meticulously selects and incorporates a range of instruments and sound frequencies to create a rich tapestry of vibrations. Benjamin Vo then layers his blues melodies, weaving a musical narrative that complements and enhances the therapeutic qualities of the vibrational sounds.

The Result:

As the Gong Voyage project unfolds, we anticipate a profound impact on listeners. Beyond the auditory delight, we hope to create an experience that transcends the boundaries of conventional music therapy, offering a unique blend of soulful exploration and stress relief.

Whether you’re seeking a moment of introspection, a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life, or simply a captivating musical journey, our project aims to provide a sanctuary for the soul.


In a world where the lines between various art forms continue to blur, Gong Voyage stands as a testament to the endless possibilities that arise when diverse talents converge. The collaboration between vibrational sound therapist Lori Stahl and blues musician Benjamin Vo is a promising exploration into the realms of healing and musical expression.

As the project unfolds, stay tuned for updates on our journey to harmonize souls through the transformative power of vibrational sound therapy and blues music. Together, let’s embark on a musical odyssey that touches the depths of our beings and offers solace in the rhythms of our shared humanity.