Wedding Ceremonies

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“Dear Francois.

Thank you so much for the fabulous job you did performing at our wedding ceremony. You are so talented and totally brought to life the vision I had imagined for the day. We got so many complements on the music and your skills. You were a pleasure to work with and it was great to meet you in person! Thank you again for the role you played in making our big day so special!”

Tim and Meredith

First and foremost, CONGRATULATIONS!

What a wonderful necessity it is, to have perfection in all facets of that special day of love celebration between two people. Whether it is the perfect dress that sparkles the elegant walk down the aisle, the fluid color scheme in the attire that compliments the theme of the wedding, or the cute flower girls who are so proud to warm the hearts of those around even if they accidentally trip and fall, I find that the strive for perfection in all aspects on such a day is both well worth it and essential to represent a spot on mirror image of the love between to people.

What music do you play for the ceremony and why it’s important

The music you select during your ceremony is no different, in some ways, than finding the perfect dress.. My desire is to inspire an even bigger sparkle in the eye during your ceremony. I’m a pro at creating moods that give a room a desired vibe. So, that’s the main goal here. Sometimes it’s an original composition, sometimes it’s a cover of a song, sometimes it’s a piece by the great Classical composers.


LaLa Land Theme (processional example as performed)

by Francois Byers